Sunday, September 24, 2006

Little Red Raider

Saturday we took Bailey to his first Texas Tech game. We all had a great time. As you know, Jay was in the Goin' Band from Raiderland and Saturday was Alumni Band Day. Some of Jay's college band friends got to see Bailey for the first time. Bailey and I got to march down to the stadium with Jay and the band. Bailey loved all the music! It was a long day for him, but he did wonderfully!

Bailey is doing new things all the time. He can push up while on his tummy and is so proud of himself when he does it. He can also roll over from his back onto his tummy. Almost every time I lay him on his blanket to play, he immediately rolls onto his tummy (then after a few minutes cries because he can't get back to his back).

He had his 4 month appointment last week and his doctor said he is doing great. He is in the 70% for both weight and height (15 lbs and 26 inches). Jay and I are having such a great time with Bailey, he is such a wonderful baby with such a cheerful personality. We are so blessed!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Four Months Old

Another busy week is coming to an end! We have had so much going on lately, I have been bad about posting. Our computer is at the repair shop, so I will not be posting pictures on this blog. I am hoping to hear something tomorrow about our computer and am keeping my fingers crossed that it will not cost a fortune to fix.

Jay is on a "guy trip" this weekend with Jarod and our neighbor. They went down to Corpus to dove hunt and fish. He was excited about going, but sad to leave Bailey. He left today and will be back Sunday, so it's the longest he has been away since Bailey was born.

Bailey is doing new things all of the time. He can push up now, and really enjoys being on his tummy surrounded by his toys. He can almost roll over. He is working hard, and only lacks getting one arm out from under him. We have been trying a little baby food the past week (he's not completely ready, so we just give him a few bites every now and then). Not a huge fan of the rice cereal. He acts like he is having convulsions (VERY DRAMATIC). He really likes bananas, but the peaches seem a little tart. Those are the only 3 things we have tried...aside from chocolate, whipped cream (thank you, Jim Newton) and popsicles (Jay gets credit for that), of course. Next week Bailey goes for his 4 month shots. I am hoping it is less tragic than last time. I am not sure either of us could go through that again!

Oh, for any of you reading Dallas' blog, she has the link to baby Max. I have included that link too. Please go to it if you have never read it before. Scroll down to the bottom and read from the begining. He is making little improvements each day and could certainly use continued prayers!