Friday, January 18, 2008

We're Back

We made it home from our cruise! We had a wonderful time, had perfect weather, ate WAY TOO MUCH food and got nice tans. I definitely think 7 days away was too long. I think my limit for being away from Bailey is about 4 days. One thing that made it hard was not being able to call each day. Also, he got sick while we were gone. He got the bad cold that's been going around. The very congested cough, stuffy nose, runny nose, etc. He is on the mend, thank goodness.

While we were gone Bailey got accustomed to some things he is not allowed often at home....watching t.v., drinking coke, & sleeping with the adults. It has been major baby boot camp around here the past 5 days. That being said, I'm sure you can imagine all of the temper tantrums that have gone on. Now, I know he is not feeling his best, but Jay & I firmly believe being sick is no excuse for bad behavior! Today, Bailey did not get his way & threw a pudding cup across the living room, hitting the wall. He was promptly rewarded with a spanking. After his spanking he marched to the wall & stood facing it crying for 5 minutes. He thinks we can't see him if he faces the wall.

He has been very ugly to Jay this week. He doesn't want Jay even looking at him. When Jay comes near him he quickly turns & faces the nearest wall, stands there crying "no"

Right now, he is in his bed where he has been crying for 51 minutes. This has become our new routine. I am very ready for things to go back to normal! He wins, he has punished me for leaving him!

There have also been some posititve things this week. We are back to working on our letters (he is up to 14) and today for the first time he showed some interest in colors. Today we learned red, green, yellow, blue, & orange. I was very impressed with this new found knowledge. Also, he can count to 3 (my sister has heard him count to 4, but I have not, yet). He is learning new words every day & makes a real effort to try new ones.

...okay, we are up to 58 minutes of crying.....

Even though this has been a very tiring, trying and frustrating week, we are so glad to be home!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas! Bailey really enjoyed ripping the paper off the presents and he loves all of his new toys. Santa was good to him this year!

My cousin Dallas and her family came to Ft. Worth for a week, so Bailey was able to play with his cousin, Nora several times. She is 3 months older than him, so they make good playmates. He also got to see the "baby" (Nora's little sister, Elyn). We are still working on sharing, so that was a challenge. He is more than happy to share his "old" toys, but doesn't want anyone playing with his new Christmas toys.

Last week we had our Sunday School class over for dinner. Any child who sat in his new table and chair set did not go over well. Jay said that Bailey would try and pull their chair out from under them. I am sure we will be working on sharing for several years to come.

Bailey is learning more everyday! He can now say "please" and we are working on saying "help" and "yes ma'am". He knows 11 of his letters. He can pick them out and say what they are and make their sound. I am constantly amazed by his ability to pick things up so quickly! He has this shape bucket and he can put the blocks into the appropriate shape slot. He really is a genius:)

On Saturday, Jay and I are leaving on a cruise with 5 other couples. We are excited, but feel very sad about leaving Bailey. I can only imagine all of the things he will learn during the 8 days we are gone. He will turn 20 months while we are away. The hardest part will be the limited calls home we will be able to make. Last time we went out of town he got sick, so I think I am a little paranoid. I know he will have a great time with his Mimi, Grammy & Pop and Aunt Jill & Uncle Jarod.

Here are some pictures of the past 2 weeks.