Monday, September 06, 2010

Is Summer Really Over?

It's so hard to believe that the boys start school this week! Bailey will be going to Pre-K three days a week and Blake will be in the toddler class one day a week. Bailey is so excited to be back at school with all of his friends. Tomorrow is his first day. He has two wonderful teachers that I am so excited about! I know Bailey will learn so much from them! One of his teachers was a librarian for 20 years so she obviously has a passion for books and literacy! How perfect for a Pre-K teacher!

We have been super busy doing I have NO IDEA what the past two months! Where does the time go? We are still loving the house and feel all settled in. The kids love, love, love, the backyard and the playroom. I am so excited that they get to grow up in this house.

Last week we had something interesting happen to us. I was buckling the kids in their carseats at about 8:30am and didn't realize that Blake was playing with my keyless entry remote. I got them both strapped in and closed their doors and suddenly realized that the car was locked! I felt terrible! I was on the phone with my mom at the time and I think I just kept saying "oh no! oh no!" She snapped me back into reality and said "hang up, call 911"...thanks mom! The fire department came and it took them about 30 minutes to get the car unlocked (apparantly on the newer model Tahoes if you lock with the keyless it's very difficult to unlock). The boys were DRENCHED in sweat and Blake was screaming by about 15 minutes into it. They had said if it had been any hotter they would have only tried for about 5 minutes before breaking the window. Even though the boys were very hot and sweaty, it was still cool enough outside for them to take their time and try to avoid breaking the window. They (all four of them) arrived very quickly! We are very lucky that about a month ago a brand new fire station opened about 1/4 a mile from our house. After they got the boys out I took Blake inside to get water and cool off and they took Bailey for a ride around the neighborhood in the fire truck. He was so excited! You can see how sweaty he is if you look closely:)

They invited us down to the station house for a tour! So later that day we baked brownies and brought them to the firemen. Both boys loved the stations house and didn't want to leave. I have to admit, it was really nice! Not a bad place to work. They let Bailey spray the hose and the boys got to try their hats on.
Blake really took to that particular fireman! He didn't want him to put him down. Luckily, the guy didn't seem to mind.

We spent Labor day weekend in Lubbock for the first Tech game of the season. It was also Alumni Band Day. The boys had a great time and Bailey was really into getting to yell "go tech" and learn all about where Mommy and Daddy went to college. The brain washing has officially begun! Before the game we were able to tailgate with a Tri Delt friend of mine and her husband. It was great to get to see people we went to college with!
I love Tech! It is such a beautiful campus. Gorgeous flowers everywhere, fountains, trees, so much land in between the buildings. Makes for a long, speedy walk when you are rushing between classes, but it's so pretty it's impossible not to enjoy the view!