Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peach Pedal

Last weekend, Jay rode his bike in the Weatherford Peach Pedal. This was a goal Jay had and he encouraged Eric Nelson (the other guy that was in the accident with Jay) to do it with him. So, Jay, Eric, his wife, Colleen, our neighbor, Miah and my mom's fiance, Mark all did the ride. I was so proud of Jay & Eric. They did great! We were able to spend a good part of the weekend with Eric & Colleen and really had a good time visiting with them. It seems like we have known them longer than 8 months! And even though they are several years older than us (Colleen is 35 and Eric turns 40 in January), you would never know it. We just enjoy hanging out together.

So, over the weekend, Jay, Eric & Colleen convince me that I too need a road bike. I have to admit, I was jealous that the 3 of them got to do something fun together & I had to sit out. Well, no more! Jay bought me a road bike on Sunday. I will try & post a picture of it sometime. We have a few training rides scheduled already! Jay & Eric really want us all to do the Hotter n' Hell bike ride. Last year Jay did the 100 mile ride! He won't be up to that this year, but the guys would like us all to try & do the 50 mile ride. I know Jay will be able to do it, but I am not sure about myself. I am no stranger to working out, but have never done a bike race. Jay is going to be my trainer. As my running partner for the past 5+ years, he has always been a great motivator, so I am sure he will be the same on the bike.

The kids are keeping me very busy this summer! Bailey has been swimming quite a bit and swim lessons start next week. He is in a phonics class & soccer starts Friday. He is also in a My Gym class each week. He loves it! He has done the zip line, high bar, balance beam & trapeze

Blake is changing every day! He is still primarily breastfead, but is also eating rice cereal, baby oatmeal and sometimes I mix some baby food into the rice cereal. This kid LOVES to eat. He hasn't had his 4 month check-up yet (even though he is almost 5 months) because his doctor has been out of town, but my guess is that he weighs around 16lbs!!! He has been trying really hard to crawl! It may be a while before it happens, but he will lay on his tummy & pull his knees up under him then push off with his feet, propelling himself forwards. He can certainly get around that way! I lay him on his blanket with toys & turn my head & he's gone

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

We're Home

We had a great vacation! It was so nice to get away and just relax. We left last Monday afternoon and drove to San Antonio, ariving around 10:30pm. Jay's family had arrived several hours earlier and had warned us our motel was a little scary, but that they had cancelled our reservation for the second night and would be moving to Holiday Inn Express. Thank goodness! It was fine for one night (we were only there 9 hours), but our room had one king bed and one twin bed, so all four of us slept in the king bed. We even barracaded the door shut because it was a sketchy neighborhood. As you might expect, there was no hot water. Jay's parents room was the old maintence room. It had a funny smell and the beds were horrible! Julie, Jeff and the kids lucked out. Their room was VERY smokey and they had no more available rooms, so they were able to go to the Holiday Inn that night. Anyway, at 8 am the next morning we were checking into our new hotel, (which was so nice-a suite- with 2 queen beds in one room, a hallway with a mini kitchen, and a living room. plenty of room for the 4 of us to spread out) ate breakfast and headed to SeaWorld. (this pic is of the first motel)
The kids loved SeaWorld! They have so much there! Blake was a trooper! Bailey loved Shamu and the dolphin show. He also loved the big aqarium with the fish and sharks. Anyone who knows me, knows I love Dr. Pepper, well they only had Pepsi there (which was fine, because anything tasted good in that heat!), but you could buy a refillable cup for $8 and then it was only $1 to refill it each time. Great deal! We got one and me, Jay and Bailey shared it. I would highly recommend it because you can refill with tea or soft drinks and the price for one drink was $3, so this was definitely the way to go.

The next day we toured San Antonio riverwalk for a while then headed on to Port Aransas. We spent 3 1/2 days swimming in the pool, playing in the ocean, fishing off the pier, eating great seafood and enjoying being with family. I really think Bailey loved having his daddy with him for 6 straight days and I loved having help 24/7. I think I only change 2 diapers! Bailey was not scared of the ocean at all! He ran right in, jumped the waves and kept wanting to go further out. Daddy took him, mommy likes to stay close to the beach. He became an expert at jumping just at the right time and spitting salt water out of his mouth! He also loved destroying the sandcastles daddy built.

I am planning to take Blake to get his 4 month shots on Friday. Jay is off work and I think it's only fair that he sees at least one of our children get shots. He never had to see Bailey and I don't think he realizes how hard it is for mommy to see her child in pain. He hasn't had his 4 month check up yet and Bailey hasn't had his 3 yr. yet, but I am planning to do that in the next week or so.

Ihope everyone has a wonderul 4th of July!