Friday, February 20, 2009

Blake is here!

Blake was born today at 3:03pm. He weighed 8lbs 3oz and is 22 inches long! I cannot believe he is so big! He is a full pound bigger than Bailey was. Even my doctor was shocked. He looks so much like Bailey did when Bailey was born. The only real difference (except for the fact that Blake is "solid") is the hair color. Bailey's was dark brown and Blake's is a sandy blond color.

The delivery was so much better than I could have imagined. I was started on IV at about 9:30 and got my epidural around 11:30am. By 2:55 I was pushing. 5 pushes and less than 10 minutes later he was here! I only got to hold him for a second because his body temperature was a little low. About 97 degrees. After about 1 hour, I got to feed him and then by 4:30 they had to take him to the nursery to try and get him warm. They weren't able to bring him back until about 8:15. His temp is now where it needs to be and he is doing great.

My blood pressure has been a bit of an issue, but it seems to have stabalized. With Bailey I had to have my IV until I was discharged, but this time, my BP stabalized a lot faster and by 5pm I had it out.

I have already changed an incredibly dirty diaper and so far he is a great eater (note his large size). Already a big difference between my two boys :)

Unfortunately, Jay has some sort of virus and feels terrible. So, he has been sleeping most of the evening and I have had to fend for myself (the ice machine was further away then I remembered)...and take care of Jay. Not exactly what I had in mind, especially, since the pain of childbirth has started to set in. That's life, I guess.

I hope everyone enjoys the pictures! I hope to get more tomorrow when Blake can be in the room more. Look closely at the last two pictures. He is the spitting image of Bailey at that age.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Big Changes Coming

As you know, very soon we will have a new addition here at the Newton house. Blake is scheduled to arrive in a little over 2 weeks; on the 20th. We are getting ready, but in some ways are no where near ready! There is still so much I want to do first, clean the carpets, organize kitchen cabinets, etc. Of course, these things aren't at all neccessary, but I am feeling a little compulsive about it.

Those who know me well, know I am a planner. Because of that, our birth annoucements are ready to order. Of course, I still have to input the time of birth, weight and of course a picture. But the announcement is picked out and what I can do on it has been done. My goal is to order these the day we get home from the hospital. I don't want Blake to be 2 months old before people get their announcements!

Bailey seems to be getting ready for his little brother. He talks about Blake more and more. He is ready for his baby brother to get here. Hopefully, once Blake is here he will feel the same way :).

This will probably be the last post until the baby comes so I will leave you with some recent pictures of Bailey. Also, I am thinking about having someone re-design my blog once Blake is here. So, if you know a good person, be sure and tell me. I don't want to spend a fortune though.