Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm A Horrible Blogger!

But I have a good excuse! Well, several actually. It's been so long I am not sure I have any readers anymore! My first excuse begins with our living situation. At Jay's parent's house the computer is in the office in the very back of the house. When I am in this room I can't see or hear the kids. This leaves me very few opportunities to come back here. When I do, it's usually to run in and check my email very quickly.

My second excuse is that we are hardly ever home! With all of the boys' activities taking place an hour away we spend most of our "free" time in the car. I would like to say this will change now that school is over, but it won't. And that brings me to my third excuse.

I am the director for VBS this year. A HUGE undertaking at a church of 3,000+ members! Now all our time for the next 2 1/2 weeks will be spent at the church preparing. I had been using their school time to be at church working, but now things are in high gear with VBS around the corner. Begining June 2 we have many work days running 6 hours a day. Of course, I will need to be there to oversee/answer questions/WORK! I fully anticipate once we move getting back into a regular blogging routine!

Now that I am done with excuses I will catch you up. Bailey turned 4 on the 11th! It's hard to believe he is so old. In 15 months he will be starting kindergarten. I don't know what to think of that! I am going to send him to preschool 3 days a week next year to hopefully make the transition easier. He has been going 2 days, but seems excited to get to go even more. Blake is...well, all over the place! He is our little destructor. He is not scared of anything and thinks he is as old as his big brother! He will stand up and fight for what he wants! He is very strong-willed and has quite the temper! He only has a handful of words, so I am hoping once his vocabulary increases his temper will settle down. He is so sweet though! Not the cuddler Bailey is, but has the greatest smile and loves to laugh!