Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Discretion Advised

If you have a weak stomach, don't read this post.

Bailey has pinworms. If you don't know what that is, it's a female worm that apparantly travels through your intestine and lays eggs in your "hiney". DISGUSTING! After 3 weeks of hearing Bailey cry all night (this is the time of day that the female worm lays her eggs & it can cause pain or intense itching), but not being able to see any pinworms using a flashlight at night, we went to the Dr. He went ahead and gave Bailey a prescription. In the case of pinworms, the whole family has to be treated, so we all got a dose. According to his Dr., some common causes are cats, dogs and sandboxes. If the child scratches their hiney and the (brace yourself) fecal oil gets under their nails and then touch something, bedding, food, etc. and someone else injests it, then they can get pinworms. Thankfully, neither Jay or I have had any symptoms. And to be honest, I couldn't get that pill down fast enough! Unfortunately, the infected child can be reinfected a week or two after they take the medication. So, our Dr. prescribed a refill. We will really focus on lots of handwashing! Apparantly all kids get this at some point, but it's still gross! Symptoms are itching, pain and flinching.

On a less discusting note, Blake had his first round of shots today and his 2 month well baby check-up. He did great at his shots, only cried for a few seconds and Bailey held his hand the whole time. Blake has slept for most of the day though. His check-up went great. He smiled for his Dr. and was holding his head up. He weighs 12 lbs. 5 oz. I know that seems like a lot (75th percentile), but he is 24 inches long (also 75th percentile). The Dr. said that since he is so long his weight is perfect.

Hope this post wasn't too graphic for anyone, but I wish I had known earlier what the symptoms were!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sorry it's been so long!

I can't believe it's been nearly 1 month since I have last blogged. A lot has happend & I will try to catch you up.

On Sunday Blake started smiling. It is so cute to see him smile. When Bailey saw him smile for the first time he said "Blake's smiling. He's a big boy now". That was a great start to a great Easter. We went over to the Newton's that afternoon & watched the kids play & hunt easter eggs. Bailey really "got it" this year. He knew exactly what to do-he had already had a hunt at school & one easter morning at home, so he was an old pro by the afternoon.

You know that saying "kids say the darndest things"? That describes Bailey perfectly! Let me start this story by saying that when Bailey gets in trouble he calls it grouching (mommy grouched at me). So, yesterday, Bailey & I were planting flowers and I had jsut planted a white one & Bailey yanked it right out of the flower bed. I said "Bailey! Don't do that" Well, of course, for the next hour he repeats "I pulled the white flower & mommy grouched at me" Then he decides to add "& mommy said she didn't love me" Now, where he got that I have no idea! I have NEVER told him that. He continued to insist that I had said that. What's a mommy to do? Later, when he got tired of helping me plant flowers he threw up his hands & said "I quit!"

Then there is Blake, my laid back child (for now anyway). He is doing great. He sleeps pretty well at night & usually only wakes up twice. Any of you other mom's out there with newborns feel like you spend your days breastfeading in the car? On Tuesdays & Thursdays Bailey is at school so Blake & I run a lot of errands. Who has time to go home and nurse every time he's hungry? I have pulled into countless numbers of parking lots to feed him. Whatever works, right? I'm sure I'm not alone in this.