Monday, August 27, 2007

I Wuv Ooh!

This is Bailey's first sentence! It is so adorable to hear him say "I love you." Even though he can't say his "L's" or "Y's", it is very obvious what he is saying. I tear up every time he tells me his new sentence. He is doing some very cute things these days! Today, I put him in his crib for nap time. Clearly, he wasn't tired because I checked on him 30 minutes later and he was laying quietly on his back reading a book! He was flipping the pages and studying each one carefully. It was unbelievably cute! He played very quietly in his crib for 1 hour before falling asleep. WOW!

This weekend we went to my Dad's and took Bailey out on the lake. He really loves being on the boat. It is so calming to him. We also went to Chuck E Cheese's for the first time. Suprisingly, he was not scared of Chuck E. Me, Jay and my dad won lots of tickets playing games, so I think it was a fun evening for everyone.

Next week Bailey starts mother's day out, so I will be sure to write about how it went!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Going To School

Bailey will be starting day school (mother's day out) next month. I am a little nervous for him to be away from me all day, but I know it will be good for him. He is going one day a week and I will be able to get some errands done and maybe even get the house cleaned!

I am in a group at church called CCM (caring christian mothers). Our fundraiser for the year is actually something very practical and useful and I encourage you all to buy it :) They are labels from I ordered some to label Bailey's sippy cups for school. You can also get ones that iron on to your child's clothes. They have permanent and removable labels. They also have address labels if you don't need any for your child (If you do order some, put FUMC Hurst in the fundraiser box).
Bailey is 15 months old and has 12 teeth! Four of them are molars, so we had a few rough nights while they were cutting through. He can run now, so that makes life interesting! We are keeping busy and trying to stay out of this heat. We have been swimming several times this summer and Bailey does pretty good. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their August!