Sunday, December 09, 2007

A crazy few weeks

I can't believe it has been almost 1 month since I last updated. Things have been pretty busy around here the past few weeks. I am enjoying all of the holiday hustling and bustling, but am also looking forward to things settling down.

Bailey's newest thing is being obsessed with Elmo, or Nelmo, as he likes to call him. He has already begun playing with his Hokey Pokey Elmo doll, which is supposed to be a Christmas present. He found out that I had hid him in the guest room, so he would constantly go to the door, knock and whine, "Nelmo, Nelmo". I admit, I have given in a few times and let him play with it. I found a temporary replacement and it seems to help. It is a small Elmo beanie babie that goes with him most places. Tonight I was rocking Bailey and he was calling out in his sleep "Mama, Nelmo", "Mama, Nelmo" It was really cute!

We also got Bailey this Mickey Mouse stuffed animal that is as big as he is. He really loves it! He calls it "hot dog" (for any of you whose child watches the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you are familiar with the hot dog song at the end of each episode).

Saturday, we went to brunch with Santa at the Fort Worth club. We had a great time (thanks Jim and Barbie!), but the kids were not crazy about Santa. It was pretty funny!