Friday, January 15, 2010

First Haircut

Blake had his first haircut this week. I was surprised at how well he sat still since he isn't even 11 months! It was a much needed haircut. His hair was in his eyes and longer than his ears! He looks like such a little boy now. Baby days are over! I think this picture does a good job of showing how crazy his hair was! His hair looks so much better now!

The boys are both doing great! They love to horseplay and wrestle! I can only imagine what life will be like in a few years! Luckily, our new house will have a big playroom where they can roll around 'till their hearts content.

On the house front, it's been on the market since Tuesday. A realtor came by today and wants to show the house to her clients tomorrow. Hopefully all will go well!

Bailey is doing some stretches here. He is still loving his classes at the My Gym. In fact, he has long ago decided that's where he wants his birthday party this year!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm Back

I feel like I have fallen off the blogger planet. Things have stayed so busy here the past several weeks! The kids started back at school last week and I think we were all happy about that!

I think most everyone has heard that we are putting our house on the market. Tomorrow if fact. This is my first time to sell a house and I really hope it's my last. We haven't even put the sign in the front yard and I am super stressed and cleaning non stop! I am not sure how long I can keep that up! Between picking up after the kids, laundry, cooking and trying to keep the house spotless I am halfway to crazy. Jay says the house isn't even on the market yet so don't worry about it, but I think it's good to start practicing. We are going to do it by appt. only, so hopefully that will help. If anyone has any house selling advice, send it my way!

We met with the architect for the new house last night and it was a bit overwhelming. So many decisions and we have barely gotten started. I guess our next step will be to approve the plans the architect designs and then we have to pick our brick and rock immediately so they can start building. Later, we will meet with the interior designer to select our tile, hardwood floor, appliances, and so much more. My brain can't even wrap itself around all of the decisions. Luckily, Jill and Jarod have built 2 houses so they let us pick their brains and offer us lots of suggestions and tells us which questions to ask.

Main thing...SELL THIS HOUSE!! Say a really big prayer please!

I will post pictures of the kids later. I haven't uploaded them to the computer yet.