Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Child, The Thumb Sucker

Well, I think it's official; Bailey is a thumb sucker. My father in law told me there is no stopping it (I have been trying to immediately replace his thumb sucking with a pacifier). This morning I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to Bailey ravenously sucking his thumb (of course, he was hungry). He also decided that he had had enough sleep for the night and was ready to play. Therefore, Jay and I were up for the day.

Today, Bailey had an issue with spitting up after each feeding. Not just spitting up immediately after, but up to 2 hours after! And we are talking MAJOR spitting up. At one point my sister, Jill was holding him and he spit up on his bib. She decided to use it to wipe his face and instead, smashed spit-up all over him! Bailey thought it was great! He was smiling like crazy! Of course, he managed to cover her in spit-up too.

Right now he is in his crib and I can hear him talking to his mobile. Luckily, he still loves it. He is getting such a great personality! He loves to smile! He is also using his legs to push off of your lap. Last week he found himself in the mirror. He isn't quite sure what he is looking at but he will lock eyes with his reflection (I am sure he is thinking "who is that handsome devil?").

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Boy, Can My Child Scream!

Today was tough! Bailey had his first set of shots and it was not fun. He received a total of three. When they gave him the first shot he seemed more surprised than anything. But when the nurse grabbed his other leg to give the second shot he started kicking like crazy...and then came the blood curdling scream! For the third shot it only got worse. By this time his leg muscles were so clenched that he bled quite a bit. Poor baby. During Bailey's shots, I held him and my sister, Jill was patting my back (I think she was more worried about me). I can't believe I have to do this again in two months! His cousin Andrew was so sweet. While Bailey was crying, Andrew was patting his back and his head. Little did Andrew know that his turn was next. I could not bear to stay and watch Andrew get his shots, but was told it was bad. He is old enough to know what's going on. I am happy to report that thanks to Tylenol, both boys are recovering well.

Bailey is ten weeks old today and is changing so quickly! He is insistent about being able to look around and see what's going on in the world. He would barely let me get ready this morning. I had to prop him up on my bed using pillows so he could sit and see me while I got ready. He is holding his head up...when he wants to and is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT (I consider sleeping until 4:30 or 5:00 am "through the night"). There were times I have wondered if I would ever get more than a total of 5 hours of sleep.

He has also began the adorable habit of licking the wrist or shirt of whomever is holding him. It is very cute, he looks like a little kitty cat. He also knows where his thumb is and how to suck it. Right now I am trying to decide which habit I would rather break....sucking his thumb, or sucking a pacifier. I am leaning towards pacifier, so every time I catch him sucking his thumb (or his hand) I quickly replace it with the pacifier. I can think of a million more cute things to write about, but I will stop for now....

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Take Two

Okay, I am still trying to figure out the picture thing. I uploaded a few on my first posting, and I will add others on this one. It would only allow me to upload 5. Dallas, any ideas to allow me to upload a slideshow with a lot of pictures?

Today Bailey's Grandmommy came to visit and they cuddled and played all afternoon. He is such a happy little boy; even with a cold!

The air conditioner is not working in our house right now and as you can imagine, it is HOT. Poor Bailey has spent most of the day wearing only his diaper because he has been sweating. Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow and my child will no longer be laying around with only a diaper and a pacifier...classic!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm New at This...

More and more of our friends are creating blogs. We have been convinced this will be a good way to keep friends and family posted on the "Newton News." I will try to update each week, but for those of you who read Dallas' blog do not expect mine to be nearly as creative!

Bailey is now 2 months old and weighs 11 lbs 13 oz (the 75th percentile) and is 23 3/4 inches long (the 80th percentile). His pediatrician assures me there is no need to begin dieting.

Bailey is growing so fast and we are loving every second! He has a favorite toy...his new mobile (Dallas, thanks for the recommendation). He can stare at if FOREVER. I will sit in his room and listen to him talking to it and giggling. It is very cute! Mornings are his favorite times...he is all smiles. It is Bailey and Mommy's special time together each day.

We hope you enjoyed reading our first entry and will continue to send pictures through the Kodak Gallery. Until next time...