Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Potty Training Update

Potty training is going GREAT! Bailey has been doing such a great job! We have been able to leave the house every day. Gym, grocery store, church. We have not adjusted our schedule at all. We went cold turkey. I don't even let him wear pull-ups at night (if he were wetting the bed he would be wearing them, but he has stayed dry). I thought it would be weeks before he would come to us saying he had to go potty, but he started doign that on Friday! There have even been a couple of times when we have walked by his bathroom and seen him in there sitting on the potty-guess he doesn't need us anymore:). Actually, today he told him not to come in. To stand out in the hallway, he could do it by himself.

We have had a little problem with pooping and I am in need of suggestions. He has only pooped in the potty once and 3 times in his underwear. I am not sure what the problem is. Someone suggested taking him right before and after each meal to see if he can poop. He hasn't had any tee-tee accidents since Thursday, so I am very happy with that! 5 days dry! I had purchased him lots of fun big boy underwear, but Sunday I took him to the store to pick out his own. He really like doing that! He picked out a pack of 7 pairs and each pair had a different disney movie represented on it...WALL-E, Cars, Toy Story, etc. He loves getting to pick which ones to wear each morning.

I really appreciate all of the advice I was given and it was very helpful. It was great to get a lot of different advice and kind of shape it to fit with my parenting style. I think I took a little bit from everyone. We chose mini marshmellows as his reward. 1 for sitting on the potty, 2 for tee-tee, 3 for poop and 5 for staying dry at bedtime and naptime. He is getting to where sometimes he forgets to ask for his marshmellows. I am happy about because I didn't want to be giving him marshmellows for the next 2 years every time he went to the potty and I wasn't sure how to stop it once I started. I will post pics of him in his big boy underwear soon.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Eric's Law

Well, House Bill 2012 has passed the House and was heard by the Transportation Committee in the Senate today. Eric was there to respresent him, Jay and Mary. I have attached the link below if you would like to hear his testimony. I think it's about 11 minutes into the hearing, so you can fast forward.


click on committess on the left side of the page. Then click on Transportation committe. Then on the date, May 22. That will take you to the video.

On that note, the accident has been on my mind lately. Admittedly, it is never far from my mind. I always think about that day and how grateful I am for my family and friends who were there. I just want to say that I have not forgotten what everyone did for me. I will not forget that my sister stayed with Jay until the ambulance took him. I will not forget that my cousin, Marty walked out of work to come to the hospital and be with me. I will not forget that my aunt, Donna stayed on the phone with me giving me directions to the hospital. I will not forget that my friend, Desty left her 3 month old son to bring me snacks and toiletries, knowing that I would not leave the hospital. I will not forget that our minister dropped what he was doing and came to the hospital and stayed until Jay went into surgery 4 hours later. I will not forget the Youngs, who made sure I ate dinner and picked up Jay's truck from the accident site. I will not forget that my entire family and Jay's family stayed with me at the hospital until Jay was out of surgery. I will not forget that my mother and her fiance spent the night at a hotel near the hospital to be close to me and took the next day off work. Please know that I will NEVER forget.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Potty Training

Well, the time has come. Now that Bailey is 3 we are about to sart potty training. Thursday is Bailey's last day of school & we don't have a lot going on the two weeks following, so we are going to buckle down & do it. I have talked to several mommy friends of mine who have potty trained boys & gotten a lot of advice. I have pretty much heard the same things from each of the moms. Cold turkey seems to be the way to go. Including bedtime. I have purchased a lot of underwear & am going to get a sheet protector for Bailey to sleep on. I have been told not to get upset or punish him when he has an accident. I've also been told that if we need to leave the house during potty training then I should put him in underwear & put a pull up on over that so that he can still feel that he is wet, but that it won't be a big mess. This way, I can still go to the gym & the grocery store. My mom friends have told me this will most likely be a 2 week process. I am open to as many suggestions & as much advice as I can get, so feel free to give me your opinion. I will update next week & let you know how things are going.

Bailey had a great birthday & received lots of wonderful presents that he is having a blast with! Blake is 3 months old now (or will be on Wednesday), so he can go to the gym. I was able to go both Saturday & today & look forward to being back in my regular routine of Monday thru Saturday. Even though I have lost all of my weight & am back into all of my clothes, all of you moms out there know that things still don't hang right at this point. I wish I had more time before swimsuit season, but I guess I will just have to work hard the next month & hope for the best. Blake is doing great! He weighs 13 lbs 6oz & is 24 inches long. He is very laid back & is smiling & "talking" all of the time! He is a great nurser too. Totally different from Bailey. I was only able to breastfead Bailey for 3 months. I hope to breastfead Blake for 6 months. At this point I am playing it by ear & will nurse him as long as it seems like the best option for the both of us. He has been drooling a lot, so he will probably start teething in the next month or so & I am not sure what it's like to breastfeed a child with teeth!

So now, we are gearing up for summer. Bailey has VBS (which I am volunteering at), he is signed up for soccer, a phonics class & 2 sets of swim lessons. I am also going to enroll him in a my gym class. My mom's group will meet twice a month, the movie theaters show free kids movies on Wednesdays, there is a spray park nearby & apparantly, Granbury has a man-made beach. Bailey got a trampoline for his birthday so we will have lots of friends over to play on it. We plan to be very busy this summer. Little boys who are busy & play hard...nap hard!!!

This is our Mother's Day picture. I had a great time with my boys. They sent me flowers & got me a digital picture keychain that holds 40 pictures. Now I will always have pictures of the kids whenever someone asks to see them.