Saturday, April 21, 2007


These are the words Bailey uttered last week! He has been saying "mama" and "dada", but this is his first "real" word. He even knows when to use it. He will throw something and then say "uh-oh" and sometimes he says it and then throws something. It is so cute (unless he is throwing his spaghetti on the wall!).

Last week he got pink eye for the first time. It was not fun! He didn't feel bad, but did not like having his eyes cleaned! Unfortunately, a gross nose came along with it. Below is a picture of him right after he woke up. You can tell his little eye is matted shut. I couldn't resist!

We also went to Bailey's great granddad's brithday party.It was at Jay's parents farm, so it was very relaxing! I got some pictures of him with his cousins and swinging, which he loves! The biggest news of all is that our little niece, Ava Grace was born on Friday. She is so beautiful!! She's so tiny and sweet! My sister-in-law, Julie, is doing great and they are already back at home.

(The slide show moves kind of slow, click the plus sign on the bottom left to speed it up).

Friday, April 13, 2007

Play Dates

Lately Bailey has had several play dates which he has really enjoyed! Below is a slide show.

Some of you have asked about Bailey's Easter pictures. Somehow, I managned NOT to get any pictures of Bailey in his Easter outfit, but did get a few after he changed clothes. Oops!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I Survived!

This morning, Jay and I competed in a HALF MARATHON (Impressed? Me too!)! The best part is, I am alive to write about it:) Actually, it wasn't that bad. We had a great time and we finished in 2 hours 23 minutes. We ran the entire 13 miles without stopping to rest! I have to say, I am a little amazed that we were able to run the whole way. As many of you know, my form of exercise is running; however, I only do 3 miles, 5 times per week. Other than that, I occassionally run 5-6 miles and have ran in a 10k. So, this was, by far, the furthest I have gone. I am very proud of myself. I could not have done it without Jay. He was my cheerleader/coach (slow down, lengthen your stride, you can do it, almost there). These words of encouragement were very helpful and much needed once we hit mile 11. My body started to fight me once we got that far. Everything hurt! But there was NO WAY I was going to walk after having made it 11 miles!! I know tomorrow morning I will be in a lot of pain, but it's worth it!

On the Bailey front, everything is going great! He is growing so fast and getting into everything! We are having so much fun. We have joined a mom's group and really like it and are planning on joining a play group through our church. That would make 2 play groups, music class and CCM (caring christian mothers). We are staying busy and I love getting Bailey together with other children and I enjoy getting to spend time with other mothers. It is so fun for Bailey and I to get to do these things together. I want to spend as much time with him as I possibly can. Time is going by way too fast!