Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our trip to Washington D.C.

We have been so busy lately! Between birthday parties, church events & our recent vacation, we are rarely home!

We left on Thursday afternoon to fly to Baltimore where our friends, Justin & Amy picked us up & we headed to their home in D.C. Justin is a Captin (soon to be Major) in the Airforce JAG & they are currently stationed in D.C. (quite a change from their last location of Italy). Jay, Justin & Amy were in law school together
We jam-packed a ton of stuff into 2 1/2 days. Justin & Amy did a great job of being our tour guides. We saw all of the monuments, the Museum of natural history, the archives, the Capital, the White House, Holocaust museum, pentagon, arlington national cemetary, the zoo, the National Cathedral, & Mt. Vernon.

Bailey was such a trooper! He was in a great mood overall, with very few breakdowns. He caught a few cat naps in his stroller, but basically missed his nap for 3 days. Justin & Amy were life savers! They were so hands on with Bailey & he absolutely loved them! They took turns carrying him, pushing his stroller, etc. Justin & Amy made it possible for Jay & I not to miss out on anything. For example, you have to be silent for both the changing of the guard & the JFK eternal flame at the cemetary. They volunteered to sit back with Bailey so Jay & I could see both of those things. Those are just 2 examples. They did so so so much to help. It was like Bailey had 4 parents that weekend! They only thing we couldn't get them to help with was diaper changes:)

We had such a great time & really enjoyed getting to see our friends. Hopefully, their next assignment will be a great vacation spot too!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Prayers Needed

My sister-in-law, Julie, has asked me to post a blog on my website. The woman's name is Taylor Stapleton & Julie works with her mother-in-law. Taylor is pregnant & her baby has a genetic defect. The little boy will either be stillborn or may live a short time. It is a very sad situation & at this time they are trying to decide their birth plan & what/if any medical intervention to take, should their son be born alive.

On Taylor's blog (which is to the right of my blog under "blogs of peopel i think are cool") is another website titled http://www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org/ . I really recommend visiting this site. They were on the Today show also.

Please take the time to visit these sites. I know all prayers are appreciated.