Sunday, December 28, 2008


We had another wonderful Christmas! This year, Bailey understood the concept of opening presents and he waited very patiently for weeks to open his. He was equally excited about giving us presents to open. In fact, there were several days he would bring Jay his present and say "daddy, I brought a present for you".

Christmas Eve Jay worked, but we picked him up in time to get to church &
then we came home & opened our presents, made pizzas & decorated our cookies for Santa. Bailey was much more interested in eating the icing than actually decorating. I think Bailey's favorite gift of the night was his Mr. Potato head.

Christmas morning he was so sweet. He came into our room & I said "do you know what today is? It's Christmas!" And Bailey said "and it's Daddy's birthday!" He really liked all the things that Santa brought him, and surprisingly, didn't want to eat any of his stocking candy. The rule in our house in Christmas morning & Easter morning are the 2 days each year where you get to eat candy for breakfast! Instead, he ate Christmas cookies. I it's guess pretty much the same thing.

Jay's favorite present was getting rock band for our Wii . His dad gave him a GPS system which he was also really excited about! He got several other great Christmas & birthday gifts. Needless to say, he makes out like a bandit every year! So, no one needs to feel sorry for him that his b-day is on Christmas!

We had a great time at Jay's parent's house & my aunt's house. We had several Christmas celebrations on Thursday & had a lot of fun. We were exhausted by the time we got home, but it was all worth it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Too Cute!

Okay, I know I am partial, but this really was cute!

Yesterday we were at the bank and were walking towards the elevator to head to the parking garage. There were 2 women already there. Bailey runs up to one of them and says "hey, wait for me!" She very sweetly says "I'll wait for you". It is 5:30 pm, so a small crowd of people ready to leave work have gathered. Bailey then tells the woman "my name is Bailey. My name is Bailey Andrew Newton. want my number?" I am very surprised to say the least because I have never heard him say this. The woman laughs and says "do I want your number?" Bailey then says "I'm 2" It then dawned on me that what he was trying to do was get her to ask him how old he was (probably because he is very used to people asking him this wherever we go...and may I add, they usually say, wow, you can really understand what he's saying) and instead it came out "want my number". He then continues on with his conversation with this very indulgent woman. He starts jumping up and down and tells her he likes to jump. She says she wishes she could jump too. He replies with his famous "yeah, it sure does" (which means, yeah, you sure do-this is something he can't quite get in the correct context yet).

Needless to say, mommy, this woman and the small crowd all thought he was pretty cute. I am excited that he is starting to come out of the shy phase he has been in for the past 6 months. Although, occasionally he says "I'm being shy"- which I know he gets from a Backyardigans episode:)