Wednesday, May 04, 2011

April Fun

Our April was filled with fun, fun, fun!

The boys had their annual check up and it went great! Bailey is still only in the 25%, but he had gained 2 pounds since his tonsillectomy in February so I considered that a huge success! Blake weighs 30 lbs, which means he is back on the charts. If you remember, at his 1 year check up he was 10% overweight, though I still call shenanigans on that. He is in the 60% for weight at 50% for height.

We hosted Easter at our house this year and it turned out so well, I may have to do it every year. It was very nice not to travel anywhere (even though we only go 45 minutes), but got to come back to our house after church and have a fun and relaxing afternoon with family and friends. The kids really enjoyed the Easter egg hunt and Grammy brought fun presents for all 8 kids which were a big hit.

We also went to Sea World this month! We went 2 years ago and it has expanded so much! They just opened Sesame Street Bay of Play and it was really cool. They expanded the water area, have a playground and more rides for the kids. We spent all day Friday there and decided we needed to go back Sunday morning to see the stuff we didn't get a chance to on Friday. Saturday we spend the day in Downtown San Antonio doing all the touristy stuff. We met our good friends from Jay's law school days, Chris and Theresa and their two boys. Everyone knows you have to be careful when choosing friends to vacation with. The Ruckers are the perfect vacation friends! We get along perfectly, their boys are the same exact age as ours, we discipline similarly and our kids love each other. It really makes for the perfect combination. We rented this wonderful 4 bedroom house just minutes from downtown and it was great! We made breakfast each morning, but other than that, Theresa and I were on a cooking strike.

We got the biggest kick out of watching the boys read their Sea World maps!

This is how we spent a good part of our evenings. Don't judge us.

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